03/26: sledding

Finally got the sled built for the table saw. It works so well. A little less worried about using the table saw.

The next version is going to be this one from Darbin Orvar.


02/12: drivers

I recently heard a podcast about naming conventions in the medical industry. There is a battle between those that like the tradition of naming the medical condition after the discoverer and those that want the names to reflect what the condition actually is.

The woodworker version of this is the screwdriver. In japan, screwdrivers are called plus drivers and minus drivers. In the US, they are called Phillips and flat-head.

One way immortalizes the inventor, the other describes the shape of the driver head. I am a fan of the latter because if I ask for the screwdriver that is minus shaped, I am going to get the right one every time.

01/15: wood hooks

I saw these wood towel hooks on the Merrythought site and thought they would be a perfect project for today. Woodworking in a garage in the middle of January in Minnesota isn’t the warmest. We could set up a space heater in there but it is much easier to find a project that is appropriate for the basement.

These hooks use dowel screws which are also called double ended screws or the British name of handrail bolt. They are my new favorite item in the nail/screw aisle. Knowing they exist now opens up a whole new world of project ideas.

The hooks turned out well. They look great and are very strong. We screwed one into an exposed stud and I could hang from it. My hooks turned out like their hooks so if you want to see them, check out the photos on their site.