05/16: transit maps

Having apps like Google Maps and Apple Maps showing transit information is amazing. Just be sure to take their best routes results with a grain of salt.

When I run a search for routes using Apple Maps, Google Maps, and popular Japanese transit app Jorudan without messing with the settings the results are all over the map*:

Takenotsuka (Tokyo) >> Ota (Gunma)

  1. Google Maps: ¥2210, ¥2170, ¥2170
  2. Apple Maps: ¥1477, ¥1477, ¥1277
  3. Jorudan (eng/日本語): ¥1737, ¥967

Takenotsuka >> NishiMagome

  1. Google Maps: ¥570,¥570,¥760,¥610
  2. Apple Maps: ¥557, ¥773, ¥557, ¥557, ¥557
  3. Jorudan (eng/日本語): ¥570, ¥570, ¥780

Even when I run a search with Jorudan and compare the results between English and Japanese, the results vary too.

Takenotsuka >> NishiMagome

  1. English: ¥570, ¥570, ¥780
  2. Japanese: ¥557, ¥566, ¥769

It isn’t a crazy difference but the further you go, it adds up. I am finding that looking at the routes on Apple Maps to see where things are and then finding the cheapest fare with Jorudan is the deal.


* pun intended