05/16: transit maps

Having apps like Google Maps and Apple Maps showing transit information is amazing. Just be sure to take their best routes results with a grain of salt.

When I run a search for routes using Apple Maps, Google Maps, and popular Japanese transit app Jorudan without messing with the settings the results are all over the map*:

Takenotsuka (Tokyo) >> Ota (Gunma)

  1. Google Maps: ¥2210, ¥2170, ¥2170
  2. Apple Maps: ¥1477, ¥1477, ¥1277
  3. Jorudan (eng/日本語): ¥1737, ¥967

Takenotsuka >> NishiMagome

  1. Google Maps: ¥570,¥570,¥760,¥610
  2. Apple Maps: ¥557, ¥773, ¥557, ¥557, ¥557
  3. Jorudan (eng/日本語): ¥570, ¥570, ¥780

Even when I run a search with Jorudan and compare the results between English and Japanese, the results vary too.

Takenotsuka >> NishiMagome

  1. English: ¥570, ¥570, ¥780
  2. Japanese: ¥557, ¥566, ¥769

It isn’t a crazy difference but the further you go, it adds up. I am finding that looking at the routes on Apple Maps to see where things are and then finding the cheapest fare with Jorudan is the deal.


* pun intended


04/17: honda ivic

Took the ivic to the car dealer for its oil change. It has almost 190,000 miles on it. They said it has zero things wrong with it. That rules. I want to be one of those people that gets to see the odometer flip to 300,000.