2017-12-03 : quote project

There is this iPhone application that I use often called Quotebook. When you find or hear a quote you find interestnig or funny, you enter it in. It is a great way to organize and save quotes.

The developer ended supporting the app. So now, each time I enter a quote into it I wonder if I should be putting these some other place.

The app still works who knows for how long. For example, Apple recently has ended support for 32-bit iOS apps. Who knows if, in the future, they do some more spring cleaning and end support for stagnant apps or something.

I decided to merge this project with another project on my list. I have some “holes” in my blog that need filling. Mainly from when I went to Japan and Summer in general. These quotes are perfect for that *.

* Friends who I have quoted, do not fear, I am not going to use your quotes for this project

2017-09-05 : comedy

I went and saw stand up comedy last week. A couple comedians were great but the majority bombed. I imagine it’s really difficult write joke so I challenged myself to write a joke in 20 minutes. Here is all I could come up with:

Minnesota has two seasons…”It’s good sleeping weather” and “apologizing for using the a/c”.