02/03: viking ban

I am saving this link here so I can remember to review it a year from now. A former Prime Minister from Norway was detained at the airport because he had visited Iran to speak at a peace conference.

Trump’s cabinet says, “This is a work in progress”…a lot.



01/20: presidential transition

Trump was sworn in as President today. There is a large protest planned in St. Paul tomorrow at Noon and protests all over the country tomorrow.

For someone who was in front of the camera on a major network for so long, you’d think he would have the public speaking thing down. His speech had a really odd tone to it.

From this day forward, it’s going to be only America first. America first.”

While statements like this play well domestically, millions of Americans live and work outside the United States. It is hard enough to maneuver in another country without words like this. You are making their lives just that much more difficult.