2017-12-08 : shape of things to come

This songs randomly pops up in my life. It’s from the movie “Wild in the Streets” which is definitly a “must watch” if you haven’t seen it. It’s pefect for today’s really fun political climate.

It’s a bummer bands like Max Frost & The Troopers are fictional. This song rules and should have been a monster hit.


2017-12-06 : world radio

This map of the world featuring radio stations that your can listen to checks off so many boxes for me. I love how listening to a radio station from another country lets you enter a new environment. You don’t understand all the references so it’s a challenge.

That challenge is the best though. You search for the things you don’t get and it leads you to other corners of the Internet.

2017-11-24 : day after thanksgiving

I practiced some CSS grid, ate shio ramen at Ramen Kazama, and went to a punk show* at the Eagles Club. The perfect day after Thanksgiving.

* I love footnotes. The bands were Joust, Zero, Kitten Forever, and Color TV


2017-11-21 : the Bubblegum Army

I found this song on a bubblegum music compilation at work one day. It totally stuck out to me because it’s pretty heavy for a bubblegum song. It’s also has a weird dark vibe under all the icing.

My friend was dj-ing with her friend at a show Bug Fix played last Monday. They played this song full blast and it was the perfect song to lighten the mood of a clubs last night.



2017-10-21 : heavy music

It’s a perfect day for some heavy music. Going to see Boris tonight.



2017-09-29 : mood music

Do I have the right to tell the person playing Xmas songs in September on the piano in the hospital waiting area to knock it off?


2017-08-20 : 3 bands…3 countries…3 continents​

I am up to my nose in work this week but I still found a bunch of music somehow. Summer must be ending and the summer rocksteady vibe is waning. It’s time to punk rock.

Japan = キャ(Kyah)


Sweden = The A-Lines


Peru = Los Saico