2017-10-21 : heavy music

It’s a perfect day for some heavy music. Going to see Boris tonight.



05/21: dictionary

Hung out at Tamagawadai Park (多摩川台公園 Tamagawadai Kōen) today. Ate and drank with some old friend and saw their new son. All of this on top of a kofun (burial mound) which I didn’t know we were on the whole time until we left.

  • 日焼け (hiyake) : sun burn, sun tan
  • 日焼け止め (hiyakedome) : sunscreen, sun tan lotion
  • 蝎 (sasori) : scorpion
  • 競争 (kyousou) : competition
  • 呪物 (jyubutsu) : fetish

05/20: dictionary

Repotted a bunch of plants today and found a beetle larvae in some of the dirt. We brought it down to the park and made sure it got comfortable in the dirt. Some friends came up from south Tokyo to say hi. We all went to スシロー(sushi row) and ate tons of sushi.

  • ギリギリ (giri giri) : at the last moment, just barely, in the knick of time
  • 当たる (ataru) : to be hit, to strike
  • インチキ (inchiki) : cheating, fake, bogus
  • 植木鉢 (uekibachi) : flower pot, plant pot
  • 槌 (tsuchi) : hammer
  • ベストフレンド (besutofurendo) : best friend