2017-12-23 : gifts that go away

I did pretty good with my gift selections this year. The philosophy I try to go with is give gifts that go away.

Stuff like:

  • Wine

2017-11-22 : microwave popcorn

For some reason I bought some microwave popcorn today. From the shelf to the register there was a section of my brain saying a loud “don’t do it”. There was another part of my brain saying “whatever, it’ll be an easy snack”.

Let’s be honest, microwave popcorn sucks. The weird smell alone says it all. Two hours after making a bag, the smell won’t leave. If your snack needs an exorcism to get rid of the aroma, it needs to stop.

Down with microwave popcorn.

2017-11-17 : component/element

I watched a season of Masterchef on Youtube recently. One thing I took away from the show is a lot of the chefs really leaned on the words like component and element to sound more expert. You too can sound like a foodie by slapping component and element on parts of the dish.

“The sauce component on this spaghetti is truly spicy.”

To add more variety, use “element” too.

“The sauce on this spaghetti has a spicy element to it.”