04/05: RIP Ikutaro Kakehashi

Ikutaro Kakehashi, creator of the TR-808 drum machine, has died…RIP. He changed the world drums and music.

“Unlike its contemporaries, which used recorded audio samples to help create drum sounds, the TR-808 was an entirely analogue instrument that used transistors to generate its sounds. While a commercial and critical flop on release, the TR-808 gained mythic status and quickly became the go-to drum machine for the nascent electronic dance and hip-hop scenes of the ’80s.” – ars technica



03/25: creeping drums

Something was weird with my drums during the show tonight. They kept creeping away from me even though there was the usual drum carpet to prevent it. It turns out the drum rug wasn’t the normal fabric carpet but it was synthetic. I don’t want to lug around a rug but it sucks when the drums shift around.

01/27: sitting and standing

I did the three things 9th grade me thought a perfect day would be:

  • work creatively on a computer *
  • playing drums **
  • hang out with a friend playing a video games ***

When I told a friend that, she told me it sounds like a lot of sitting. So true.

*   I need a standing desk

** I max out all the rings on my Apple Watch every rehearsal

*** We really should stand more when we play Borderlands 2