05/31: standing desk

We hacked this IKEA Lerberg shelf unit into a standing desk. Had to go deep into the source code and figure out how to infiltrate the shelf’s encryption. Once we were in we figured out that if you take off the bottom shelf, my legs and chair can fit underneath.

The second shelf from the top is a good height for a standing desk for me. We put an old Muji Melco desk fan on the top shelf. It’s silently raining cool are down from the top through the shelves.

Standing desk…$20.


03/09: danish hot dog vs. helicopter flying w/o the blades spinning*

Torn between which of those two things to write about, I will just post a link for both.

Danish Hot Dog**  vs. Helicopter Flying W/o The Blades Spinning***






*Asterisks are powerful. Your eyes got pulled down here because of a tiny little symbol.

**There are hot dog innovations in this video I wish were done in the US. Especially the hot dog in the little hollowed out french bread.

***A helicopter flying without its blades spinning really plays a number on your brain. It is like walking up a non-moving escalator.

03/06: shed

Everything about this shed is so cool. They transform an old cement garage into a beautiful “shed” using trellises and plants. I especially like the windows that can be used to control the air flow. Also, I am jealous of the natural aromatics garden they have.