03/09: danish hot dog vs. helicopter flying w/o the blades spinning*

Torn between which of those two things to write about, I will just post a link for both.

Danish Hot Dog**  vs. Helicopter Flying W/o The Blades Spinning***






*Asterisks are powerful. Your eyes got pulled down here because of a tiny little symbol.

**There are hot dog innovations in this video I wish were done in the US. Especially the hot dog in the little hollowed out french bread.

***A helicopter flying without its blades spinning really plays a number on your brain. It is like walking up a non-moving escalator.

03/06: shed

Everything about this shed is so cool. They transform an old cement garage into a beautiful “shed” using trellises and plants. I especially like the windows that can be used to control the air flow. Also, I am jealous of the natural aromatics garden they have.