04/18: weird entityform dash

Do you ever get a weird “-” in a Drupal entityform you can’t get rid of when you add an Entity Reference field using a Mode of Views: filter by an entity reference view?

You can get rid of it by:

  1. Go to your entity reference view.
  2. Under Format, click on Settings for Inline Fields.
  3. Under “Provide default field wrapper elements”, delete the “-“.
  4. Save.
  5. Save your View.

ALERT! ALERT! You can’t just uncheck the “Provide default field wrapper elements”. You need to delete the dash for it to be gone.



02/18: thank you watch and Find iPhone

My friend dropped me off from a show. When I got to my desk, I didn’t have my phone.

Logged in to my account on iCloud.com and saw that it was somewhere close with Find iPhone. I remembered my Apple Watch can ping my phone to find it so I started pinging.

There was no sound indoors so I slowly made my way outside. When I got outside, I could suddenly hear the phone ringing as I pinged it. It took 5 minutes of pinging in the dark but I found my phone in a pile of leaves where I got out of the car.

Find iPhone and my watch just saved me hundreds of dollars.

02/15: simple before difficult

Simple before difficult…I need to make a poster of this or something. Hang it above my desk.

I nearly had a panic attack when a hard drive of mine was making weird clicking noises. There was a few minutes of panic thinking I was going to lose a ton of music.

Turns out it was just a faulty cable.

I need to remember to check the simple things, like cables, before I go into panic mode and make things difficult.