05/31: standing desk

We hacked this IKEA Lerberg shelf unit into a standing desk. Had to go deep into the source code and figure out how to infiltrate the shelf’s encryption. Once we were in we figured out that if you take off the bottom shelf, my legs and chair can fit underneath.

The second shelf from the top is a good height for a standing desk for me. We put an old Muji Melco desk fan on the top shelf. It’s silently raining cool are down from the top through the shelves.

Standing desk…$20.

04/18: weird entityform dash

Do you ever get a weird “-” in a Drupal entityform you can’t get rid of when you add an Entity Reference field using a Mode of Views: filter by an entity reference view?

You can get rid of it by:

  1. Go to your entity reference view.
  2. Under Format, click on Settings for Inline Fields.
  3. Under “Provide default field wrapper elements”, delete the “-“.
  4. Save.
  5. Save your View.

ALERT! ALERT! You can’t just uncheck the “Provide default field wrapper elements”. You need to delete the dash for it to be gone.