06/07: old Roomba

Fixed an old Roomba today with this tutorial. The Roomba was going forward a bit then hitting an invisible wall. Then it would back up and spin.

There is a camera under the front wheel. The wheel is half white and half black.

We took out the front wheel, shined up the white part, and cleaned the camera under the wheel.

It worked right away after that.

iRobot need something like an Apple Store but a garage for cleaning/maintenance.

05/31: standing desk

We hacked this IKEA Lerberg shelf unit into a standing desk. Had to go deep into the source code and figure out how to infiltrate the shelf’s encryption. Once we were in we figured out that if you take off the bottom shelf, my legs and chair can fit underneath.

The second shelf from the top is a good height for a standing desk for me. We put an old Muji Melco desk fan on the top shelf. It’s silently raining cool are down from the top through the shelves.

Standing desk…$20.

05/30: minutiae

I got my second alert to take a photo for the Minutiae application last night.

Minutiae is an anonymous anti-social media app. No profiles, no likes, no comments. Once a day, at a random moment, everybody gets an alert. Capture what is in front of you then and there.

When the alert came I went into panic mode (in a good way). The time pressure really makes you study the area around you to find something good to capture. This is going to be an interesting 1440 day project.

05/21: dictionary

Hung out at Tamagawadai Park (多摩川台公園 Tamagawadai Kōen) today. Ate and drank with some old friend and saw their new son. All of this on top of a kofun (burial mound) which I didn’t know we were on the whole time until we left.

  • 日焼け (hiyake) : sun burn, sun tan
  • 日焼け止め (hiyakedome) : sunscreen, sun tan lotion
  • 蝎 (sasori) : scorpion
  • 競争 (kyousou) : competition
  • 呪物 (jyubutsu) : fetish