Most Recent Facebook view in one click

When I go to Facebook, I want it sorted by most recent. Usually people click the three dots next to News Feed and select Most Recent. There is a better way though.

If you have a bookmark somewhere that you use to get to Facebook, set it to this instead.

This takes you to Facebook filtered by most recent.

The less repetitive clicks and mousing around, the better.


The new mantra for the new year

Why the hell not. #2018


2017-12-28 : random color

randomcolour is exactly what it says it is.


2017-12-27 : rgb/random laughs

rrrgggbbb …thank you. I needed a go random laugh today.


2017-12-23 : gifts that go away

I did pretty good with my gift selections this year. The philosophy I try to go with is give gifts that go away.

Stuff like:

  • Wine

2017-12-23 : fortune

“Sure, you have duties, but what about your duties to yourself?” ~ Fortune