2017-10-18 : work at home (schedule)

My optimal work at home schedule:

coffee/food > work* > some break/activity** > tea/food > work*

* work is broken up into sprints of 25 minutes work and 5 minutes of cleaning/organizing/standing up

** break/activity is stuff like band rehearsal, errands, etc.


2017-09-28 : Siri

Speaking to Siri on the phone and watch is great. I found myself never using it on my Macbook Pro though. That was until I found typing to Siri is possible. You can set up a Siri keyboard shortcut and you can silently have the Siri magic happen.

Yes, I know you could just open the Reminders app and type in your reminder. The beauty of typing it to Siri is you can get things out of your head and on to your calendar or in Reminders without leaving what you are working on.

Crazy list of Siri commands

To enable Type to Siri:

System Preferences > Accessability > Siri > Enable Type to Siri

Set the Siri keyboard shortcut:

System Preferences > Siri > Keyboard Shortcut