03/10: 02:46pm 03/11

We were hanging out in the living room when it started. It was an earthquake and it would be over in 30 seconds to a minute. This one didn’t though. It just kept getting bigger and bigger. Things actually started to fall of the shelves.My wife and mother-in-law kicked into the quake training that they had learned their whole lives (i.e. shut off the gas). We went out to the park in front of our building to wait the quake out.

After 20 minutes or so, we went back inside to our place. Everything was on the ground. We started to clean stuff up and then the second huge quake started. We went back to the park.

After that there was a size 6 earthquake every half hour for the next day or two. It was intense.

We got off light. I know people there that lost their houses and people that had major water damage. The Earth is very powerful.


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