03/31: Apple 1

If have ever wanted to play around on the first ever Apple computer, there is an emulator for one. Lots of cool oooooold school games.

Apple 1


03/29: octogripper

[ √ ] robot

[ √ ] octopus

This rules.


2017-03-29 : signs of ideas

“Words are but the signs of ideas.”

— Samuel Johnson


03/28: fortune

“Do not wish to be anything but what you are, and try to be that perfectly” ~ Fortune Cookie


03/27: new emojis

Here is the list of new emojis that are coming out this year. There are a bunch I know I will be using for sure…mind blown face, I Love You in sign language, sandwich, fortune cookie, ufo, aaaaaaand CRICKET!


03/26: sledding

Finally got the sled built for the table saw. It works so well. A little less worried about using the table saw.

The next version is going to be this one from Darbin Orvar.