02/28: Citizen Kane

I finally watched Citizen Kane last night. I had been putting it off for a long time. Too many people said it is the best movie ever made. When people overhype a thing, I tend to hold off watching or listening to it. It is a weird habit for sure.

Glad I finally watched it though. This epic was epic.


02/26: wax seal

This gif of someone sealing envelopes almost makes me want to start writing letters to people. Maybe emails need some sort of wax seal component. You’d get to design your own  seal, poor on the fake wax, and click & hold to press the seal in. The receiver would get the satisfaction of cracking the seal.


2017-02-25 : your problem

“Your problem is your problem, and it is like no other.”

— Seth Godin


02/25: hidden fortress

I watched Akira Kurosawa’s movie Hidden Fortress tonight. I had been putting it off for a long time because this is the one people say Star Wars is “influenced” by. 

It’s an incredible movie. I bet when it came out in 1958, it made the other action movies seem kind of simplistic. Current action movies too.


02/23: carnitas

Made carnitas in the slow cooker today. It turned out amazing and it was so easy to make. When a slow cooker recipe turns out, it tastes amazing. I have had a few bombs but those were all from following recipes even though I thought there was something “off” about them.


02/24: smaller stuff but still challenging

It is still winter in MN so woodworking in the garage is still cold. I have been looking for smaller woodworking projects to do in the basement. They need to have a challenge to them still.

This game might be a cool challenge for Sunday.