01/31: knocking down pins

I went bowling tonight and it was good times. It seems that my shoulder is getting stronger. The last time I went bowling a year ago, the plate in my shoulder ached right away. Today…no pain.


02/07: Christmas 5 weeks later

My Christmas present arrived today. Waited five weeks for them but the AirPods finally arrived. So far they are cool. They paired instantly to my phone and I am already digging not having the cables dangling from my ears.

More later.

01/28: simple recipes

I was talking with a friend today about getting the maximum amount of flavor with the least amount of ingredients. He told me about his recipe for sautéing Napa cabbage and canned tuna. Two ingredients…well, four…there is a little sugar and soy sauce to round out the background of the flavor.

When I got home and checked my RSS feeds, I saw that a friend had posted her recipe for her elderberry cough syrup. Three ingredients…that rules!

01/27: sitting and standing

I did the three things 9th grade me thought a perfect day would be:

  • work creatively on a computer *
  • playing drums **
  • hang out with a friend playing a video games ***

When I told a friend that, she told me it sounds like a lot of sitting. So true.

*   I need a standing desk

** I max out all the rings on my Apple Watch every rehearsal

*** We really should stand more when we play Borderlands 2