12/18: Getting re-turned on to the Workflow app

Workflow is an app that I have been using for a couple years now. I’ve been using some of thworkflow-01e workflow from the gallery but hadn’t really dug in to them. The workflows I have been relying on are:

A snowstorm rolled through MN so I got a bunch of supplies and hunkered down in the house. I was catching up on some episodes of the Canvas podcast and they have been talking about Workflow lately. I got inspired to give making some workflows a shot.

What I ended up making is a workflow called Yakusu (訳す). It is a kind of Swiss Army Knife for translating English to Japanese. It gathers together the varied needs I have when dealing with Japanese.

What I ended up putting into the workflow is the ability to hear how a word or phrase is pronounced, look up a word in the dictionary, share the translated word or phrase (Messages, Twitter, Facebook, etc.), or save the English and Japanese translation to a text file in Dropbox to study later.

It was a slow slog at first but once I got my head around nesting If actions inside of if actions, things  sped up and became really fun. What I am trying to decide now is if I should try to make it able to translate both ways or just duplicate it and switch the language direction.


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