2013-11-05 : first snow

I know there is a first snow every year but the first snow always gets me a little pumped up. Some people hate it but I love the first half of winter. I always get really motivated to play drums, cook food, and go & hangout with people.

Went to the Harriet Brewing to watch a friend’s band from Austin, TX called Mrs. Glass. They were kickass but we only saw the last two songs. They are playing a couple more shows while they are in MN so I’ll probably go see them Sunday. Lots of slide guitar, bluesy singing, and really interesting drumming.

The drummer did this really interesting style of cymbal choke. Instead of grabbing the ride cymbal to choke it 100%, he would crash the cymbal and push his hand against it on the upstroke and stop the cymbal crash about 70%. It sounded pretty much the same as a traditional cymbal choke.


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