09/25: Robo-radio…

Decided to give iTunes radio a shot for an hour today. I setup a True Widow radio station and set it to discover. This is what it served up…

  • True Widow “Numb Hand”
  • Ariel “Jeanette”
  • Psychic Ills “I Knew My Name”
  • Earth “Omens and Portents II: Carrion Crow”
  • The Atlas Moth “Courage”
  • Karp “Shotzie”
  • Marraiges “Body of Shade”
  • Junius “Betray the Grave”
  • Black Cobra “Neferian Triangle”
  • Pygmy Lush “Yellow Hall”
  • Whirr “Wait”
  • True Widow “AKA”

09/25: Studio Tip: Reamping The Snare – DRUM! Magazine

I love the idea of rerecording a snare by playing the snare track on a speaker through a snare. It is such an interesting idea.

(I would love it more if an article on a website dealing with sound would have sound I could listen to)

Studio Tip: Reamping The Snare – DRUM! Magazine

09/20: Floyd?

Woke up today with a text from a new friend asking if i like Pink Floyd?

My knee-jerk reaction when I hear the name Pink Floyd is memories of working in an Applebee’s kitchen in high school. Every time the song “Time” would come on the would crank it up.

From that job, classic rock stations over playing certain songs, and the smell of fajita smoke I tend to avoid this band. I always forget that there is/was this side of this band.